​Our Heart...

Queensland Māori Society has a passion for supporting māori families and individuals to strengthen ties with our language & culture, and our whānau & māori-community, as we believe that this will contribute greatly towards general well-being for ourselves and

the communities in which we live.

We are also passionate about...

Providing information, direction and support where we can in

order to help give a hand up towards living a happy, thriving life.


What we do...
We support, assist, guide and advocate, as needed.
We endeavour to organise workshops, programmes, events and festivals for learning, bonding, chilling, enjoying and celebrating, throughout the year.  

We also collaborate with other organisations/groups that share similar visions and opportunities for any of our local communities.

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Queensland Māori Society

Latest project

We are on the hunt for a property that we can utilise as a QMS community hub.


We will consider all options - gifting, purchase (Vendor Finance or Option would be awesome), lease, council property, private property, short-term, long-term (preferred), or anything else. Rural area preferred, industrial area is also okay.


If you have any information or an offer for us to consider please contact us here.

Our Kaumātua Maureen Wilson & Tu Thompson

Call us:

Tu - 0434 416 209
Nina - 0410 072 401

Find us: 

Bannockburn, 4207
Logan, Qld

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