The heart will never change – home is home.

In Dec 2007, Queensland Maori Society was reignited with the election of a new executive committee who are committed to upholding and preserving the objectives of QMS that are in essence the same now as they were when QMS was conceived, and founded in 1989, by the late Percy Kara.

The Society was formed to support whānau in Queensland with 'tangihanga' (funerals), 'tīkanga me ngā kawa' (cultural values and practices), 'reo māori' (māori language), whakawhanaungatanga (relationship building/keeping connected) and with many other issues that our people face here.

“It is for our children’s children that we plan.”

Our planning and actions today define the environment in which our children’s children shall endure.



Current Executive Committee Members:

Chairperson:          Tu Thompson

Secretary:              Nina Taukiri

Treasurer:              Nikki Ose

Advisory Board Members:
Business Development:   Maureen Wilson


Other contacts:

Events & Programs Manager:          Nina Taukiri

Volunteers Co-ordinator:                 Kate Emery
Volunteers Recruitment & Training:  Kate Emery

Cultural Development Officer:          Maureen Wilson

QMS Youth:                                   Porsche Taukiri

Kaumātua Support:                        Tu Thompson
Website                                        Nina Taukiri
Social Media:                                 Manaaki Taukiri




Logan, Qld



Our Mission:

Na take i korerohia e tatau i mua
Tui ai te kupu korero i korerotia
Kia tu te winiwini kia tu te wanawana
I nga pu korero i wanangatia
I roto i te whai ao i te ao marama

We bring our combined history and past discussions
Into our plans here for the future.
Be open and stand strongly
For the issues considered and discussed,
To benefit the Maori now and in the future.