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The Queensland Māori Society is passionate about culturally and socially enhancing the lives of local māori and the communities in which we live by providing a variety of services and support to the best of our collective ability.


Individual and/or family membership benefits include:

  • Invitations to members only events

  • Support from our advocates/liasons

  • Access to Public Liability Insurance cover for certain events

  • Discounts for our training courses, programs, workshops & events

  • Emails notifying you of upcoming events, programs, and various activities

  • Access to heavily discounted advertising on our website, for your business/organisation*

  • And more...


Members also have the opportunity to:

  • Hold a position on the Executive Committee* (conditions apply)

  • Have a voice in meetings that determine the future of the organisation

  • Help plan, develop services that support our Maori and Kiwi families


Becoming a member will not only give you ready access to all of these benefits, it will also contribute towards financially supporting QMS in our endeavours.
Register today for a super-affordable price of $10 p/yr, per adult; free for children, 17 and under, when registered with parents/carers; otherwise $5 p/yr, per child.







Become an affiliate group...


Affiliating your organisation with the Queensland Māori Society in no way gives QMS any say, power or control over your organisation. We are simply here to be a legal umbrella for those who do not have the desire, means or time to do that for themselves. This will give you access to our public liability insurance cover and discounts that are given to non-profit organisations. Also, because QMS is a well-recognised legal body with good standing in the community, being affiliated to our organisation is a good endorsement for those wishing to apply for grants from local councils. What QMS gets from that arrangement is satisfaction in being of service, being in the know regarding what you are offering and sharing that with our members & others, (if allowed), and the possibility of being eligible for more funding which we can utilise for helping to fund events, programs, etc run by us and/or any of our affiliated groups.  If your group is already registered as an incorporation you are still welcome to affiliate to QMS and be entitled to all of the benefits.


We also offer support by way of the following:

  • Writing support letters

  • Funding via an auspice agreement  (conditions required)

  • Communications with Mana Whenua/Tāngata Whenua Elders, etc

  • Advocacy with government or non government organisations

  • Entry Level to Regional Kapahaka and Te Matatini for Kapahaka Roopu

  • Maintaining a database for groups who wish to render their services to the public

  • Supporting cultural activities that your organisation may be involved with, e.g. Powhiri, Blessings, and/or Karakia

  • Assistance with developing training programs for your Committee, Constitutions, Financials, Advocacy, and Grant Writing


Becoming a member will not only give your group ready access to all of these benefits, it will also contribute towards financially supporting us to support you.
To apply to register at the super-affordable price of $95 per year, ($65 p/yr if your committee members are already registered QMS members), click the link below to contact us to arrange a meeting.