Te Ao Māori...


One thing many of us have in common, having left our home land and many of our whanau to live here in Queensland, Australia, is the yearning we feel to keep ourselves, our tamariki (children) and mokopuna (grandchildren) connected to our roots, and our "māori ways". 

Reo & Tīkanga


Here you will find details and/or links to online & offline resources, classes, wānanga, events and programs that may support your journey in learning/maintaining te reo me te tīkanga māori, (māori language & culture).  Kia kaha, kia mau, kia ū ki te reo me te tīkanga māori! Mauri Ora!



Māori are instinctively a social people. We work, learn, play and fight (lol) best TOGETHER. We will be holding various events throughout the year to support our learning, sharing and feeling of being connected to our people, to our home.

Hauora Māori


Keep fit and healthy, balanced and full of vitality... amidst a world full of options, here are some that are familiar to us as Māori :-)
Exercise - Mau rākau, Māori "tai chi", Māori martial arts
Healing - Mirimiri, Romiromi, Mahi Wairua, Rongoa Māori
Balance - Wairua, Hinengaro, Whatumanawa, Tīnana

              Māori Arts


Check in here for workshops and/or classes for:
Visual Arts - harakeke weaving, korowai weaving, kōwhaiwhai, wood carving, stone carving, greenstone carving, tā moko
Performing Arts - storytelling, kapahaka
Physical Arts - mau rākau, māori martial arts
Healing Arts - Mirimiri, Romiromi, Mahi Wairua, Rongoa Māori